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Hello everyone!

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Hey guys, I feel the topic of productivity, balance of work and life and other such things vibrates these days, as quite a few people whom I follow wrote something about it, so I thought I'd bring to your attention the quotes I found most resonant for me (and some personal thoughts, too, that I'll share below):

From Hannes' tumblr post about the recent changes in his attitude towards art (very much worth a read by itself):
I know how this sounds from the guy who used to be all about drawing all day, every day, but I’ve started doing other things. First of all at some point your health will politely ask you to start working out, taking away about 8 hours of your week. You’ll start eating better, cooking more fresh stuff, costing you maybe another 5 hours. I also play both handball and volleyball, both adding up to maybe 15 hours a week. Then comes a point where you’ll want to have friends, read books, travel and explore other hobbies (I make a little bit of electro/house and play piano). And last but not least, and I apologize to the social justice control board of tumblr for this, but you’ll also want to talk to girls, who’ll be very much in favor of this, especially if you’re a well-shaped little seal like me. All these things are very much necessary because you’re a social creature and because you need to avoid career killing burnouts or health issues.

Then Dave Raposa's blog post about how his life has changed in last 2 years (lots of valuable experience in there, thanks Dave for sharing these quite personal things):
... because I had been doing so much work and was so heavily invested in marketing myself and creating things, work just kept growing and growing. I am beyond grateful to every client that has given me the amazing opportunities I have had so far in my career, but there is something to be said for maintaining a serious life/work balance. But instead of doing anything about it at all I basically just floated through it and decided it was totally ok to just sit and do nothing but work. This was super lame, I was the lamest dude ever. If I could I would go back and beat myself up everyday for that.
After returning from Germany I started working out daily, running a few miles and keeping up with a steady workout. I started to feel really good, I was more awake, happier and excited to keep pushing forward.
I swear to god I'm not a sociopath but sometimes the shut in lifestyle makes me feel like that. <...> I began a schedule of waking up at 7-8am everyday and stopping work entirely at 7-8pm. This was the best thing for my brain, no more all nighters and no more endless deadlines where I let myself work on something forever everyday.After this point I started keeping a day rate for every job and making sure I never went beyond my designated work hours unless I absolutely had to. What blew me away about this was how I became even mpore productive, I wasn't losing time, I was speeding up. Instead of getting a job done in 2-3 days w/16 hour work days I was getting them done in 1 work day or maybe 1 1/2. 

Unlike these very hardworking and dedicated gentlemen, I came to my own life/work balance from the opposite side (and there is a great deal of shame in just admitting this). 
I felt low on energy for a long time, producing very little. I was bashing myself for "procrastination" and "lazyness", and it was getting even worse when I exposed myself to all these examples of focused work that fill the industry info-field. In an attempt to "work more" I even almost stopped practicing my favourite sport, showing up from time to time only.

The damned circle broke when I realized a few things: 
- my resourses and my abilities are different from those of other people, and so different must be the approach to work, too. 
- finding the "gaps" that suck my forces and remedying them is better in the long run than just forcing myself to work harder (which I tried in any way imaginable for at least 2 years, all failed). 
- these "gaps" turned out to be unrelated to art and work whatsoever, so I ended up fixing lots of general personal issues. This skyrocketed my energy level, even though this work is far from done yet. The shame of being "not productive enough" was so big that it basically blocked me from accepting my differences, and therefore from finding my own way around the problem.
- steady development needs pauses just as much as periods of hard work and study. And if I need to form a personal distinctive opinion, others should not interfere, so I limited my exposure to the internet image base as well.
- there is no excuse to quit sports, or pull all-nighters. No matter how cool the work is, health is more important.
- and the last and most amusing observation, as soon as I stopped comparing myself to others and bashing for "not drawing enough", I started to wake up with hands itching to work and to push forward. 

And these days I'm very happy as I develop my own little business, work and study, and pay a lot of attention to the things that recharge my battery. The Loser Trap is still looming behind, but I'm working hard to put as much distance as possible between it and my art.

I want to resume all this with a few obvious ideas that are sometimes hard to remember in day-to-day life: we are all so different that looking at others in hope to improve ourselves does not help much (while learning about self, caring and encouraging does). And any little improvement, both in ourselves and in others, is worth to be praised, because we never know what did it cost to achieve.

How do you feel about the topic? I'd appreciate any feedback and thoughts. 
Thank you!

PS. Also thanks to Hannes 
algenpfleger and David DavidRapozaArt for letting me share the quotes :) (Smile) 
- O.

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